Tax Services FAQs

What types of businesses can use your tax services?

We are experienced in completing returns for Trusts, Non-Profits, Partnerships, Corporations, S-corporations, LLC’s and individuals.

Can I file multiple years for my business?

We can certainly help you get past returns filed with the IRS and any required states. Whether you’re filing late or simply amending a return, our professionals are happy to help.

How long will it take for you to file my business’ tax return?

Our standard delivery time for business taxes is 7-10 days from complete data submission, but this can vary due to workload.

What tax deductions can I take for my small business?

There are often overlooked deductions that are missed. Set up a meeting with one of our qualified tax advisors to learn more.

How long do I have to file my taxes after my extension goes through?

Typically you can file 6 months later for business or individual returns.

How much does a business have to make to file a tax return?

All businesses must file a return regardless of income.

What date do I need to file my business taxes?

Most business returns are due by March 15 for calendar year ends.

What happens if I get audited?

We are available the entire year to represent you for an audit or to respond to an IRS letter.

Accounting Services FAQs

Why outsource accounting services?

By allowing specialists to handle the mundane but necessary financial tasks, business owners have time to focus on their business. Typically, these services are done more cost effectively than internal resources and also result in a lower tax preparation fee as we already have access to the information we need.

How much do accounting services cost?

Prices vary based on your particular needs. We have a variety of packages and options for you and would be glad to have a no obligation discovery meeting to discuss your needs so that there are no surprises.

What is a fractional CFO?

If you need professional CFO services for a special project, such as a bank deal, acquisition or similar projects, we offer those services on an on-demand basis. You can gain access to a strategic financial professional as needed.

Do accountants handle payroll?

We advise on payroll services and partner with the best providers in the market as part of our staff advisory service. This service is about more than just payroll compliance, it addresses the value of developing your workforce.

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